Build a healthy and productive workforce with high-performance, durable and contemporary remote camps that feature modern finishes, comfortable accommodations, kitchen and dining facilities, full recreation amenities and complete site services. Comfort. Offer your workforce a home away from home with fully serviced, clean and restful
accommodations. Proximity. Build housing close to job sites to minimize workers’ commute and improve efficiency. Versatility. Custom build to your unique location, workforce size and the duration of your project. Quality. Our rugged housing complexes keep your workforce comfortably sheltered from extreme temperatures. Aboriginal relations. Work in harmony with local Aboriginal communities.
We provide solutions for projects of any scope, from housing for two to small camps for 40, to major camps for a large workforce. Our engineering and design team can customize your camp with fitness facilities, games rooms, modern kitchens and dining modules and anything you need to ensure your workforce gets the rest and relaxation it needs.