– Waste management services to industrial companies especially the oil and gas industry.
– We are authorized to dispose dierent kind of waste in designated areas including
hazardous and non-hazardous waste, the company owns wide variety of modern and
safety approved equipment required to perform the tasks and we upgrade them according to
the projects need.
– We oer high quality services for before and after drilling such as water and waste pit lining
and covering.
– Transportation and logistic services.
– General trade, we are committed to supply our clients with high quality service within the
expected cost in a timely manner.
– We provide professional personnel and general labor trained to work in specic projects.
– Training services according to the CSA and ANSI standards.
– Active and powerful networking to ensure better communication with all business entities
and to perform the work smoothly.
– We provide Ambulances Vehicles with trained Drivers, all the vehicles are equipped according
to the Ministry of health regulation and standers.